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Rewards Skyblock
  • 1x Vote Key
  • 3500$ Server Money
  • A chance at many different random items

Rewards Prison
  1. 1x Vote Key
  2. 10mil Server Money
  3. 2 tokens
  4. A chance at many different random items
Since I finally got back home, I am ready to start going hard on Frosty again! This means I will kick this off with a $200 IRL giveaway. I will keep it very simple. All that is required to be entered into the giveaway is 10 hours play time. You can check this by /playtime. Every hour you get past 10 hours counts as an extra ticket. The more tickets you have, the better chance at winning. The reward will be $200 paypal, or I will give you amazon gift cards if you would prefer that. Or I can just buy you anything you want online. There will be 3 winners. 1st place wins $100. 2nd place wins $50 along with 3rd place wins $50. This giveaway is 100% real and I will record / live stream paying it out / selecting the winners. It will end on November 30.

This is only for /server summit and /server prison!​
I am going to be opening a second skyblock server on Frostysb. It will be the 'new' and 'better' version of frosty. Frostysb was the first skyblock server I've ever ran, there was many things I didn't know in the beginning that I now know. Basically, Frosty, the current original server will never leave Frostysb. It will be here for ever, I'm just adding a second server. So you can play both at the same time! Now, lets get to the point, many things I have already improved on the new server. I need your guys opinions on what else should be done and or added / changed. So suggest up! Ill post another information thread once ready about the second server. Should be in about 2-3 days till the post is made.

Quick Q & A.

Q I bought a rank on frosty, will it transfer over?
A Yes, everything that you purchased on frosty will transfer over.

Q How do I get to the new server
A Once it's released, it will be on the compass in the hub, or /server summit

Q Do you really think we have enough players for a new server
A I plan to go very hard with advertising.
I have decided that instead of doing a ton of little updates every day, I will instead release a series of updates every 2 weeks or so. So, to start it off, I am going to be adding a ton of new features, things to do, bug fixes, and various of different things. I just thought I would inform you guys on when this would happen so you can be prepared. I will be releasing the updates on September 14th. Exactly in 2 weeks and 4 days. This gives me time to get the updates ready, and get a bunch of them so it is a very good update. Ill inform you guys and give hints on whats coming as we get closer.​
I have been holding off on updates so I can save up a bunch and release them all near the same time. So I have done this, and everything is going good. Here are the patch notes for the last two weeks. I have a bunch of new plugins coming tomorrow which I will update this thread with more info on them. For now I will put what I have.


  • Ability to use /cf, which is a new way to gamble with other players.
  • Iron Golem Spawners added to /warp shop
  • Beacons added to the /shop
  • Iron Golem pouches to the store (I am going to add many more types of pouches available to get ingame!
  • Ability to upgrade the size of your island!

  • Up to 10 extra worlds on the server that were not being used. Removing this took a huge load off the server, which is nice!
  • Removed plugins that were not being used. This is also reducing lag.

Hope you guys enjoyed the updates in the past 2 weeks. Much more to come!

Due to many, many complaints and a lot of people losing their stuff. We are making scamming NOT ALLOWED. If you scam, you must give it back. If you do not, you will be punished. Nice and simple rule. Lets stop all that scamming and bring the community closer!
As we keep passing accomplishment after accomplishment, I would like to announce the servers first, scheduled drop party! We will be holding this on the 3rd of July. So, Sunday. When you may ask? Well, we will be doing this at 2PM PST / LA time. Things in the drop party will be rank vouchers, money, iron golem spawners, more! Make sure to come on the server Sunday and go to /warp dp .
For the month of July, I would like to announce that we will be doing another giveaway! Yes, only $200 at the moment will be given away at the end of July. But wait, didn't I say it would be more, or different amounts each month? Yes, I did, I will add more to it towards the end of month.

This month, we will do it like this. The best island on the server, (COOL LOOKING WISE) which we will vote on as a community. In order to enter this, you need 1000 ISLAND LEVEL. That is the only requirement.

As for the x2 $50's, I will be doing the same as last month with them. But without the voting part. All you need to do to win this time is just get 10 hours played. Every 5 hours after 10 hours counts as an extra ticket! The more tickets, the better chance of winning. I will pick two times in this and both will get $50.

Enjoy guys, I've been putting my ALL into this server, and I will continue to! Remember, this summer is hot, so please everyone, stay frosty. :cool:
So, I was thinking, instead of doing just $200, lets do $200, and 3 $25's. This month was way better then I think any of us could have expected. Hitting 190 players, all the additions, and just how much the community has grown. So lets just get straight into it. The people who won the GRAND prize and the $25's.

$200 IRL
  • Qtonic
$25 IRL
  • BeastyxHD
  • Rambo_Prodz
  • TehJakee

Everyone in this thread has 72 hours to get in contact with me and claim your prize. If you do not manage to get in contact with me by then, I will reroll the giveaway and give it to that person.

GZ on everyone who won, hope it helps you out.

Next month, we will also do a giveaway "July" that will be less random of a winner. Hope you guys have enjoyed your time on the server so far, and in the future. Remember everyone, stay frosty, like always.