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Some cool Idea about mobs

Discussion in 'Ideas and Feedback' started by Yasuyan555, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Yasuyan555

    Yasuyan555 Active Member

    Sep 5, 2016
    I think you are busy working on fraction but wouldn't it be cool to add more spawner. The spawner I think you should add is horse, zombie pig man, guardian, and endermite (for exp). You can only get zombie pig man from /buy or legendary crates so if you were to put on /shop it world be around $2 mil. Since sea lantern is expensive in /shop the guardian spawner can be around ... 3.5mil or so. Horse has a same drop as cow so maybe 8 horse spawn egg would be 150k. The reason I said spawn egg not spawner was that horse spawner is one of the item in /buy so it should be expensive. For me endermite is rare so u should add to it. Oh, and maybe adding snowball to /sell hand and /shop since it is drop from snow golem spawner.+all the drops from new spawner to /shop and /sell hand.

    Spawn egg
    Some people doesn't have enough money to buy spawner but really want that type of mob. So you might add some spawn egg to /shop.

    If Frosty do this idea I think more people will enjoy and IF Frosty adds it, it will be one of the super big update. But, the thing is that Frosty doesn't have time to do it or it is probably to much. Still, it is just an IDEA.

    -Yasuyan55 the Yasuyan555
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  2. SinfulFish

    SinfulFish Staff Staff Member

    Dec 1, 2016
    I really like this idea, When I first started playing on this server a couple weeks ago. It was really difficult to make money and get started. So adding spawn eggs could help new players make easy money, early in the game. The one downside I see is the pay to receive ratio. If you buy a horse spawn egg for 18k (What you said that they should cost) you are not going to even make back a fraction of the cost of the spawn egg. Your spawner idea on the other hand I agree with, the thing about spawners is that it's essentially infinite money, but Spawn eggs on the other hand is a one time deal. This is probably why Frosty hasn't fully implemented spawn eggs into the server yet just knowing the fact that the receive to pay ratio is going to be very low. Honestly I doubt Frosty will implement spawn eggs into the server, but the new spawners might just be implemented.

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  3. DestinyAwakens

    DestinyAwakens Active Member

    Oct 18, 2016
    I agree a 100% with this idea. I think this should be added
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