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Teleport block into PVP area.

Discussion in 'Ideas and Feedback' started by TimmyBubbles, Dec 18, 2016.


Do you think we should ban teleportations into the PVP arena for members?

  1. No i do not think think we should add this barrier

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  2. Yes i think it will make me more comfortable playing

  1. TimmyBubbles

    TimmyBubbles New Member

    Dec 4, 2016
    Recently, i was teleported into the pvp area, under the impression that i was going to see their cobblestone generator. i was killed and lost my full frozen equipment. however i am not going to sit here and dwell on that. For the past few days after this event, i have been reluctant to tpa anywhere, i was worried that i might be taken to the PVP area and i am sure this is a worry that crosses most players mind.

    I stand here today to recommend a block on teleportation for 'members' (at least) into the PVP arena.

    Let us be frank here, in my case, i was told to make a thread to report the player. After several days i still don't have my things back, or the individual banned. i would just like to emphasise on the fact that if a block had been put into place which disallowed teleporting into the PVP area, i would still have the equipment and will not be using many admins' time in showing evidence etc.

    in my thread, the individual didn't not explicitly say that he was showing me the generator, which seems to have made it ok in the eyes of the admins. therefore i would like the admins to take a moment to think about what would happen if many people began doing this. Many members, especially new ones will not feel like this is an accepting and nice community, which i assure you is not the case. this would in essence lead to less members on the server. does it not suggest that as long as no justification is given for the TP, it is ok to keep teleporting? you and i know that when your new on a server you will probably accept the request.

    i hope for something good to come out of my bad experience.

    thank you for your time.

    i would like to thank and credit, @HipnotiQ_ for coming up with this suggestions with myself.
  2. bork

    bork Active Member

    Dec 19, 2016
    I completely agree. It can prevent teleportation kills even though it's already a bannable offense. It can save staff's time from something unreasonable. The less teleportation kills, the better. There will be less troubles for the staff and the victim included.