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Discussion in 'Ideas and Feedback' started by Moonlitiesymphony, Dec 23, 2016.


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  1. Moonlitiesymphony

    Moonlitiesymphony New Member

    Dec 22, 2016
    I absolutely love this server (i mean who wouldnt) its well put together but it still has its flaws. Here is a list of all the things I believe that are amazing, and other things me and other people have agreed on that needs to be changed.
    -The vote Parties!
    -The give aways
    -Obviously the sales, giving everyone a chance to buy items off the site
    -/shop, extremely helpful (i do wish there was more to it and dirt is too expensive but it adds to the challenge.)
    -The Entities cleared plugin, it goes off way too often, i know its to prevent lag but it is extremely often. On my island, all mobs including animals are removed, even with name tags. This becomes EXTREMELY difficult to have an animal farm. Also it makes Villagers useless when then just will get removed!
    - Difficulty level. Due to this being extremely low, it isnt helping with making our own gold farms at all, along with mob grinders requiring no spawners. This needs to be brought up more, maybe there is a way to add difficulty to a persons island instead of the whole server, making people allowed to choose their own difficultys.
    These are my suggestions, and Please take these into consideration, there a bit of people who would want this fix and it would just make the server reach its full potential. Keep up the great work!
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  2. bork

    bork Active Member

    Dec 19, 2016
    I completely agree with this post all together. I believe villagers don't get removed with the entities cleared because I've seen villagers on islands before.

    Here are my agreed inputs with a little more explanation on my point of view added to it:
    Definitely the difficulty level because that affects all mobs as a whole. When I first started, I made a vanilla mob grinder like most users do when they're new to a skyblock server so they can obtain mob resources. However, hostile mobs rarely spawn causing players needing to purchase spawners.
    It is very difficult to get on a good foot when most events taking place require money and how are we going to acquire money if we don't have decent spawn rates? Of course users could buy a spawner, but where would you get the money to do so? Profit shops are already sold out by the time someone gets to them. Along with hostile, passive mobs don't spawn at all.
    I understand players don't want the economy broken, but it's really difficult to get anywhere if someone does not have money or does not have a spawner.
    Said before, profit shops are always being used by other players causing it to be out of stock. New players literally have to sell almost everything they own for a dent of decent cash. Not to mention, some users, including me, want to earn on their own too sometimes.
    I figure if natural mob spawning is tweaked a little, then all will be well along with entites clearing every single mob. I hope others agree on these inputs in hopes for a little tweaking to occur. We don't ask for much. Otherwise, completely satisfied. :)