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  1. bork
  2. Dragonwarrior568
    Dragonwarrior568 Frosty
    Dragonwarrior568 was here 5/16/17
  3. Dragonwarrior568
    Dragonwarrior568 atherguy
    I was here 5/16/17
  4. Dragonwarrior568
    Dragonwarrior568 bork
    I waz here 5/16/17
  5. Dragonwarrior568
  6. Dragonwarrior568
    Bye for now, I will be back somewhere between May 30- June 1st I hope to see everyone then! ill still be on forums till then.
  7. RawrWithBrem
    "Sometimes you need to go out and find your true self"
  8. Kirakux
    College sucks. I don't recommend it. Unless you want a good chance at getting a job...then...well....see you in class m8
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    2. bork
      Depends on the work field. Some people never went to college and are successful. I'm not encouraging to not go, don't get me wrong. I'm taking courses too.
      May 14, 2017
  9. Dragonwarrior568
    I probably wont be on this weekend mabye next weekend...
  10. RawrWithBrem
    Roses are red, Violets are blue, Faces like yours, Belong in the zoo, But don't be mad, I'll be there to, Not in a cage, But laughing at you
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    2. bork
      Roses are red, violets aren't blue, that's what they say, but it isn't true.
      May 14, 2017
  11. Kirakux
    I'mma little tea pot, shout and stout, here is my handle here is my s-- okay I"m bored...
  12. atherguy
    atherguy Jediman212
    Jedddiiiiiiiiiiiii come back plssss
  13. Nua
    I like to play SkyBlock. I also like eating.
  14. Shiikii
    cancer cancer im cancer cancer cancer its cancer weow vroomvrrom autism vroom vroom!!!
  15. Kirakux
    I'd love to be able to fly again someday... *cough*
    1. bork
      You should've gotten your fly back along with your VIP.
      Apr 28, 2017
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  16. RawrWithBrem
    Sorry for being inactive lately, I'm sick and I'm trying to be online as much as I can.
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  17. Stazp bond
  18. atherguy
    vroom vroom goes the scootr
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  19. We3hollands
    We3hollands Inactives
    they were not on my pc they were just on the same wifi at the same time it was two different people on two different computers at the same house TheGreatCosmos (me) and MaskedMassacre wern't even there.
  20. bork
    I notice I'm receiving messages from people. For some reason I cannot read/open them. I'm using a mobile browser.. if that's the issue?
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