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Skybullet07's Staff Application

Discussion in 'Staff Application' started by SkyBullet07, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. SkyBullet07

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    Apr 7, 2017
    My region is UK! Sorry for not putting that in the title!

    Minecraft Username: Skybullet07

    Age: I am 14 years old and would love to help out the server in any way I possibly could.

    How long have you been playing FrostySB: I have been playing on this server for a few (3-4) weeks now. I know that I'm still fairly new to the server but I still feel like I would do a good job as a moderator.

    What is your timezone: I live in the United Kingdom and currently we are using UTC+1 (because it's summertime), but normally in the UK we use UTC+0.

    How many hours a day do you play: I play for at least 3-4 hours a day on weekends. On weekdays this might be cut down to 1-2 hours because I'm usually busy with homework. But if I have any spare time then I will usually come on the server. I usually play between 5-7 AM and 6-8 PM (UTC+1).

    Are you Respectful/Respected: I consider myself to be a nice, friendly person and would never try to deliberately offend or hurt anyone, which can be backed up by the fact that I have received no mutes or bans on the server. If someone is new than I will try to help them in any way possible. Likewise, if someone is being disrespectful I will remind them of this and act as is appropriate if they do not listen. I also love fun and jokes, so long as they are within reasonable boundaries and not offensive.

    What can you do to benefit FrostySB: Whenever i'm on the server it seems to me like there are never any moderators on, and having an extra one that could fill in those currently empty timeslots would certainly help the server as a whole. But I would also help as many people as possible. Today, at roughly 5PM I was playing and I saw someone claiming that some person had TP-killed him. There were no mods on to investigate and I felt powerless and weak, as I could not do anything to immediately help that person. If i was on the staff team I would make sure that all incidents like this were thoroughly investigated into and then I would act as appropriate, as this is a serious incident that could have lasting effects.

    Why should we chose YOU over other applicants: I would always be logical in any dispute, listening to both sides and coming to a conclusion. I would also never act unless I had a lot of proof of what was going on. Although I do not easily get angry, I would not hesitate to warn or mute people if they are being rude. I would also never abuse my power as a moderator and always be sensible. I also have Skype and Discord and could easily communicate with other moderators and staff members.

    Do you have any former experience being a staff member on a minecraft server: I was once a moderator on the server (owned by the Minecraft YouTuber IdeactivateMC). It was a small server with around 75-150 people on at a time (but has probably grown since). While there, I had a great time, helped many people and learned the commands that came with the job. I was also one of the only active moderators on the Skyblock server.

    Have you ever been banned on FrostySB: I have never been banned, muted or punished in any other way and I do not intend to ever be. If you do not believe me, you can always check the logs.

    Scenario 1: You see someone spamming the chat but they won't stop, what would you do [if anything]: I would screenshot the chat and keep it as proof of the incident. Then I would kindly ask them to stop and inform them of the consequences if they do not stop. If they don't stop, they are very clearly just ignoring the word of a moderator. I would thus give them a 10 minute mute to see if they learn their lesson. If they do not stop, I would mute them for 30 minutes and then after that an hour. If they don't stop, I might consider banning them because at this point they are clearly just being disrespectful.

    Scenario 2: you see someone saying in helpop that there is a hacker in pvp but there are no mods on, what do you do? [if anything]: I would record the suspected hacker and also ask the accuser to record as well (more proof in case the hacker is really hacking). Then I would call some fellow moderators to review the footage and we would all come to a conclusion on whether they are using hacks. If I was not on the moderator team at the time of the incident then I would tell the accuser to report the incident on the forums and post the footage.

    Scenario 3: You see someone advertising their shop every 15 seconds, what do you do? [if anything]: Perhaps this person is not fully aware of the server's spam policies, so I would tell them that this is spam and ask them to stop. If they don't stop, I would do the same things I did in Scenario 1.

    Scenario 4: You see someone say a homophobic remark in /m, what do you do? [if anything]: Homophobic remarks are a serious matter. I have a friend who is bisexual and he hates it when people say nasty things about the LGBT community for no reason. That being said, perhaps it was a joke gone too far, so I would check the circumstances. Either way, I would warn the person who made the remark that this is not an acceptable way to behave and tell them, even if it was a joke, not to do it again because people could be seriously hurt by such things. I would then ask the person to apologize and take back what he/she said. If they won't stop making offensive remarks then I would mute them for 30-60 minutes, depending on the severity of the message (because this is a serious matter), screenshot the things said and report the incident to higher staff, before clearing the chat and then apologizing to the person who was attacked and try to make them feel better. I would also do this if a racist, sexist or any other form of discriminatory comment was made.

    Scenario 5: You see someone abusing staff/player in /m, what do you do? [if anything]: I would screenshot the comments that they made before telling them that such remarks are not tolerated. I would then tell them to apologize and take back what they said. If they do not comply then I would mute the person for 10 minutes, then after that 30 minutes and then an hour. Past that, I would consider banning them because they are not listening to staff and being disrespectful.

    Scenario 6: You see someone say a popular server name in chat, what do you do? [if anything]: Depends on the situation. If they say something like 'I might play on Hypixel for a bit' to a friend than I would ask them to, next time, use /msg instead of saying the name in the chat (but mute them if they don't listen). If they say something like 'omg hypixel is so cool you guys should play on it', than this is clearly advertising and I'd screenshot what he said for proof (because I don't punish people unless I have recorded proof of what happened) before clearing the chat and warning said person. If they don't stop, then I will act as if it was scenario 1 (spamming).

    Thank you for taking the time to read my staff application! I put a lot of effort into writing this and I hope that you will consider me for a position among the staff team!
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    Dec 19, 2016
    Good luck, nice application, also like you said, I recommend more experience but it's great that you're interested! :)